Hotel Esplanade

Hotel Esplanade makes a virtue of its faded charms, winning devoted guests with original 1910 interiors, friendly service, and sherry in the lounge every afternoon. ´Gandalf stays here,´ says the concierge proudly. Sure enough, there it is in the compliment- stuffed guest book: ´Thank you for a perfect stay,´ signed Ian McKellen; Contact Information Hotel Esplanade Strandvägen 7A 114 56 Stockholm Tel. ...
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Stockholm tourist information

Read about all the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs before you visit them. We will guide you to all great things in this amazing city. Check the local weather in Stockholm or go to our new video gallery and browse all the videos from Stockholm that we have collected for you. We have also added a new guestbook and also a cool live chat :-)

Things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm number of tourists specific attractions as well as many spots popular with locals and tourists alike. At the Stockholm Royal Palace tourists can take an excellent guided tour of the structure and learned about the history of the royal family. The popular Vasa Museum hosts a 17th century warship, and the spectacular Gamla stan, a historical looking old town is popular with both locals and tourists alike for its medieval houses and mysterious narrow streets. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to visit the Stockholm archipelago for both its impressive size and variety of landscapes. Gamblers will definitely want to visit the only casino in Stockholm, the Casino Cosmopol. Because this is the only casino in Stockholm there is a very diverse crowd that gathers however tourists should be prepared to pay a cover charge before entering the Casino and are expected to maintain a decent dress code.

You can find more specific information in our sections about Stockholm museums, events in Stockholm and also in our popular section about the entertainment in Stockholm


Stockholm shopping

Sweden is internationally known for its unique design aesthetics of the merchandise and in cloths. Visitors who appreciated and shopping experience will delight in the many different large shopping malls available in Stockholm. Tourists just looking to pick up souvenirs however will want to try shopping in Stockholm's old town to pick up unique trinkets. Old town has a good mix of highly overpriced touristy shops as well as smaller more reasonably priced boutiques where visitors can pick up authentic Swedish merchandise. Visitors who are familiar with the IKEA brand name will enjoy shopping at the two different IKEA store is located within Stockholm. Interestingly Stockholm has a fairly good mix of overpriced designer goods and quality bargains available for the savvy consumer.

For complete information where to go please look in our special section about the shopping in Stockholm. You could also buy a shopping guide from our Stockholm webshop.


Car parking - car hire in Stockholm

Stockholm has an excellent public transportation system that gets people to most of the major destinations in the city. Therefore if your plans do not take you outside of the city it is recommended that you do not bother trying to car hire in Stockholm and instead rely upon the excellent network of subways and buses to get you where you need to go. If however you do need to rent a car to visit an area not connected to the public transit network car rentals are available in relatively easy to find, and car parking is handled in the same fashion that many other cities handle it; with parking being easier to find the farther outside of the city center you go.

We have a great booking section if you want to rent a car in Stockholm. You can also get more specific information about all the transportations in Stockholm. Please visit our section about the Stockholm transportations in that case.


Stockholm hotel - Stockholm restaurant

Stockholm is an international city with a huge number of hotels available to travelers. Visitors looking for a Stockholm Hotel should consider their budget and choose accordingly. Most of the major international hotel chains are rather pricey, however if you have an international hostel membership card you can get a great deal at many of the Swedish hostels which are known to be cleaner and more comfortable than hostels in other countries. Stockholm restaurants range the gamut of international flavors all the way from Mexican to Indian. Surprisingly finding authentic Swedish food in Stockholm can be difficult. International visitors should know that there is no smoking in bars or restaurants in all of Stockholm.

Please visit our restaurant guide or hotel guide for specific information. If you want to book a hotel in Stockholm please click here.

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